Suggested tweets at the occasion of April deadline

As the renewal of the MINURSO peacekeeping mission’s mandate approaches, the attached graphics feature key messaging targeted towards the UN and Security Council members.

Please feel free to share these graphics on social media, you can always edit the tweets before sending. Our hope is to make a large social media impact the week of Monday 24 April. As always, thanks for sharing!

Suggested Tweets:

Standoff at #Guerguerat is symptom of failed #UN political process. @antonioguterres #UNSC must reinvigorate talks & protect Sahrawi rights [insert road image]

Has #UN given up on the political process in #WesternSahara? Succumbing to Moroccan pressure will not deliver justice to #Sahrawi [insert road image]

#UNSC and #UN Secretariat must ensure #MINURSO resolution brings all parties back to the negotiating table without preconditions [insert road image]

#UNSC resolution should ensure a transparent and accountable political process in order to resolve conflict in #WesternSahara [insert road image]

.@franceonu must not stand in the way of the #UNSC restoring the @UN political process in #WesternSahara – #NoVeto [insert truck image]

Will the @UN res. on #WesternSahara be without Moroccan bias? Will it prioritize a fair political process? #UNSC – you decide. #MINURSO [insert road image]

#MINURSO resolution in #UNSC under @USUN Pres. could outline Trump administration’s approach on conflict in #WesternSahara – #ReferendumNow [insert truck image]

@USUN Presidency in #UNSC to provide insights on Trump Admin. approach to resolving conflict in #WesternSahara – #ReferendumNow [insert truck image]

US Amb @nikkihaley focusing her #UNSC Presidency on upholding #HumanRights – Will that waiver under Moroccan pressure on #WesternSahara? #UN [insert truck image]

#MINURSO Res. will provide glimpse at US Administration’s policy on #WesternSahara – @nikkihaley must show commitment to #HumanRights [insert truck image]

.@MatthewRycroft1 will UK encourage #UNSG to work with both parties & commit to reinvigorating the UN Political Process in Western Sahara? [insert truck image]

Will @RussiaUN @franceonu @ItalyUN_NY @JapanMissionUN @SwedenUN & others on #UNSC support rights of #Sahrawi people? #MINURSO [insert truck image]

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