Morocco : CIA unveils the truth about the “green march”

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Spain and Morocco have reached an understanding designed to reduce the threat of a major clash during the march of unarmed Moroccan volunteers into Spanish Sahara, which King Hassan has announced will begin today. Even so, some violence is likely.

Prince Juan Carlos told Ambassador Stabler that Madrid and Rabat have agreed that the marchers will come only a few miles into Spanish Sahara and stay only time in the border area, from which Spanish troops have been withdrawn. The Prince added that a token delegation of about 50 Moroccans will be allowed to go on to the territorial capital of El Aaiun.

The area beyond which the marchers are not supposed to go is delineated by clearly marked minefields, according to another Spanish official. Juan Carlos said Spanish forces will use every means at their disposal to prevent the Moroccan from moving beyond the agreed area.

King Hassan made no mention of the agreeement with Madrid during his short speech yesterday announcing that his green march would proceed today. At the same time, he gave no indication of how far into the territory the marchers would proceed, suggesting that he may intend to honor the agreement.

Hassan stressed the need for order and discipline during the march and told the Moroccan volunteers to be “hospitable” to any Spaniards they encounter. Hassan did not threaten to use force if the Spanish put up armed resistance, but he assured the marchers that if “anyone else” fires on them the Moroccan army will defend them. He was obviously referring to Algeria and the Polisario Front,a pro-independence group of Saharans backed by Algeria.

Once the marchers cross the border, the situation could easily out of control (…)

The Polisario Front will almost certainly try to to attack the marchers. Some members of the group are already in the area from which Spanish troops have been withdrawn and may be in the coastal area where the Moroccans are to cross the border.

Source : CIA

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